These are small Brown spots on your skin formed as a result of over production of melanin. Freckles occur often in area’s that get sun exposure. They come from ultraviolet( UV) Radiation stimulation. These are harmless. They can be genetic in some cases.


Are freckles dangerous?

They’re not threatening but you can just check your freckles for

  • Asymmetry: If the half’s don’t match it can be worry some.
  • Uneven border.
  • Different colours of freckles.
  • Size is bigger than ¼ inch.
  • Any change in elevation, shape, size and colour.

Lightning freckles

Lightning freckles have been possible with certain OTC products that are applied on the skin. Acid and chemical peels are also useful.

Laser Therapy

it can  lighten or remove freckles on the face, chest, on the upper  shoulders and on legs above the knees. Lasers resurfaces by targeting the water present inside the layers of the skin. It drills through the layers and it reaches the middle layer of the dermis. The old epidermal pigmented cells get expelled. This leads to the formation of neo college and thus an improvement in freckles.


A chronic skin disorder that results in symmetrical brownish patches on the face mainly affecting the chicks, nose, forehead and upper lip area. It is commonly seen in the middle aged people Between the age 20 and 40 years mostly in females than males.


Factors triggering melasma

  • Sun exposure
  • Pregnancy
  • OCP,hormone replacement, implants
  • Certain medications, scented soaps and cosmetics may cause photo toxic reaction that can precipitate melasma
  • Hypothyroidism


It is usually very slow to respond to treatment specially if it has been present since long duration.


  1. Topical creams
  2. Topical and oral anti oxidants Vit A, C andE Glutathione, coenzyme Q 10.
  3. Topical tretinoin
  4. Chemical peelings
  5. Photo facial
  6. Microneedling
  7. Face PRP
  8. Q-switched laser
  9. Fractional lasers.

Dark circles (Darkness around your eyes)

It’s a periorbital melanosis which is a common cosmetic concern.


  1. Eye creams
  2. Chemical peeling
  3. Lasers
  4. Dermal fillers

Micro Needling

It is an excellent modality to stimulate new collagen Synthesis with minimal risks and side effects.

It can improve a wide variety of conditions including

  • Acne scars
  • Linear atrophic scars
  • Traumatic or surgicals scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Reduction of find lines and open pores
  • Skin reserve a nation of face, neck, upper lip, decollate, arms, legs, abdomen and buttocks.